Free a Dalit Child

Change a life and transform a Community

By being willing to sponsor the educational costs of an Indian Dalit child you will not only be impacting the child’s life for ever, but also be supporting the Dalit Community in its fight for freedom and dignity.

Why Sponsor a Dalit child?

Without education many of the children of the Dalit communities of India will be condemned to a life of bonded labour, begging, continual abuse, danger from human traffickers and hopelessness. An English medium education opens the doors to opportunities that would have been forever denied to them. Base this education on a worldview based on human worth, freedom and dignity and you lift these children out of the oppressive caste inferiority mind-set and endue them with personal dignity, social equality and spiritual freedom.

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There are still children available for sponsorship at the school as more join each new academic year which starts in June.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a child  they should use this link and contact page to get in touch with the sponsorship team making it clear that they are coming from the ‘do the distance4dalits’ event linked to RED International. This will ensure they get linked to the right school.