Welcome to ‘cambrayfc4dalits’

‘do the distance4dalits’ finale event – 18th October 2014 

Handing over a cheque for £35,000 :-)


Thank you for sponsoring a child at the school to complete ‘the last mile’





Cambray FC are a local football team from Cheltenham in the UK who have sought to raise funds through various sponsored events for a charity called RED International to build a school for some of the most economically and socially disadvantaged children in the world ….the Dalits of India (formerly known as the ‘Untouchables’)

Our latest adventure for 2014 is to ‘do the distance4dalits‘ – to collectively run, walk, swim, cycle or row the distance between Cambray, Cheltenham & Good Shepherd School, Usilampatti, India - around 6500 miles! Are you interested in being involved? Maybe you’d be willing to do something on your own, or as part of a team or group to take on a section of the journey, doing a share of the miles running, walking, swimming, cycling or rowing.  If so, please register your interest by using the Contact Us link.   Please click on the images below for more information:


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